Project 72 has brought in its fold 6,000 women from the area; it is indeed a remarkable achievement. There was clear evidence prior to Project 72 women’s participation was minimum in the community development programs. There were no social activities or interaction among the women community. Therefore the main objective was to mobilize the resources and to involve the women in the community development programs.

It was clear from the research that the women of Ahmednagar were hardworking but lacked education and awareness about the various welfare schemes of the government. Project 72 through its different programs escalated women’s participation to a remarkable height.

Through the livelihood programs project 72 empowered the women to be skilled and earn their own living. The Project gave the women a platform through the Mahila Bazar to exhibit and sell their products and thus helped in their economic empowerment. Mega health camps aimed at the good health of the women and children and provided free medical services to the weaker section of the society Adult education classes along with the spoken English classes generated lot of interest in the women of this area. Women attended tailoring classes, mehendi designing classes, screen printing and sari rolling classes in large numbers

Project 72 educated the women about their rights and duties and changed their attitude towards the adult franchise. The voting percentage of women in ward # 72 was a matter of great concern. The greatest achievement of the Project was bringing the women out of their houses on 30th April, 2014 to the polling stations to cast their votes. Thus increasing the voting percentage of women in ward # 72 of Ahmednagar area from 32% to 58%.