It explains the dimensions of social work , its inception, recognition as a separate field. In here the base criteria under social work is explained. Objectives of the field and the knowledge it imparts.
In here, the module dares to focus the bridge between the voluntary action of helping v/s the more matured act of professional Samaritan. Explanation is given about the urge and desire of social work
With the emergence of new technology and the imparting of new trends-there emerges many a separate wing of social ailments. Understanding would be given about : gerontological social work, medical and psychiatriat social work , women welfare social work etc.
An overview of different voluntary organizations which came into being. They serve multiple purpose. Some work for charity, some work for youth welfare, women welfare etc. understanding would be given about organization of change.
Obligations and rules pertaining to the citizenship. Mores and values and fundamental duties every citizen have to comply with. RTA- RIGHT TO INFORMATION ACT. Information of the system, what to comply with and how.